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Knee Clinic


An estimated 30 million school-aged athletes participate in sports throughout the United States each year. Of these, 34% of middle school aged and 38% of high school aged participants will be injured and seek medical treatment at an annual cost of $1.8 billion.
Research suggests that ACL and other traumatic knee injuries can be reduced by more than 50% by using preventive training programs that combine flexibility, balance, strength, plyometric, agility, and technique training.

The staff at New West Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation is working with the University of Nebraska-Kearney athletic department, as well as numerous high schools within the area, to screen athletes prior to athletic competition. The goal of this program is to identify individuals that may be at a higher risk of sustaining a major knee injury while participating in sports.

The screening consists of assessing the athletes flexibility, landing mechanics, and the overall strength of the core and lower extremity.

The goal of our program is to help an athlete:

  • Establish appropriate dynamic control of the knee during landing and deceleration
  • Retrain the neuromuscular pattern of the hamstrings
  • Improve hip and trunk control
  • Train the hip musculature to assist in stabilization
  • Train the athlete to enhance endurance

For more information on this program contact Terry Nitsch, PTA, ATC at 308-237-7388.