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Shoulder Clinic

shoulder_clinicThe shoulder joint is one of the most dynamic joints in the human body. It encompasses a phenomenal balance of stability and mobility. We often take this blessed joint for granted; as when it is not functioning appropriately, leading to loss of function and pain, the quality of our day-to-day life is disrupted.

Our professional staff at New West Orthopaedic & Sports Rehabilitation, LLC are specifically trained to identify the possible causes of shoulder dysfunction and develop a treatment regimen to eliminate the problem areas. Shoulder joints can be too loose, requiring exercise to add stability. They can be too tight, needing stretching and manual therapy. Shoulders may even be frozen. They can be weak to cause abnormal ball and socket movements leading to impingement, or “pinching” of the rotator cuff. Shoulders may be required to have surgical repair, which requires careful, guided instruction through a rehabilitation program. These are just a few of the many shoulder ailments that Physical Therapy, specifically someone trained in shoulder rehabilitation, can assist you with.

At New West, we have therapists with many years of training and experiencing working with a wide variety of shoulder patients, including multiple high school, college and pro athletes, especially throwers, spikers and swimmers.

Please call our clinic if you feel you have a shoulder question limiting you from your sleep, work or activity.